Maryland will be Heard and Respected!

My name is Jeff Dunaway and I am running for Congress. I will be representing the 3rd District of Maryland in Congress and with your support and your contributions your needs will be met by me in my two year term.
My goal to you Maryland as your future Congressmen:

  • Hear and take Action for my 3rd District
• Hear and take Action for Maryland
• Hear and take Action for the United States of America

Get involved with me so your voices can be heard in the Capital. I am very passionate about the issues that need to be resolved and with your support I will do everything in my power to bring the best to Maryland and my country. Take the inviative and sign-up for email updates, go to my "Get Involved" sections and sign-up and most of all... go to my "Contribute" section and lets get the people of Maryland awake up call and show them who Jeff Dunaway is all about.

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A Project to represent the 3rd District of Maryland in Congress. The JDFC (Jeff Dunaway for Congress) main office is located at P.O. Box 2332 Parkville, MD 20724


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